The Reading List

Fifty books, that’s my annual goal. Each January I am determined to reach that number, and equally determined to write a review on every last one. I have never reached fifty. This year, while I am keeping a Reading List, the usual determination is not manifesting (nor the giddy excitement that comes with fleshing out the list), because this year I am determined to write more.  And I know myself well enough to know that if I can’t read fifty books while wrestling with university courses and home life, I sure won’t be able to while putting together my own books.

It’s a bittersweet feeling, really.

Of my meager list, thus far, each was more unique than the last.  Afterworlds was a joy to read. I’m thinking of reading it through again, actually. Here’s a review by Ginny Writes that might clue you in on some of Afterworlds’ surprising attributes.

The read was inspiring and genuinely fun—I recommend it to all my writerly friends.

As for my writing, I have become a list maker there as well. During spare time over the last two days I have made out a series of To Do Lists and schedules, trying to be as realistic as possible, of course. On that list is my next project—a collection of speculative short fiction that gets underway (finally!) the 24th—for which I have nailed down a title and format. This is exciting! Mostly because I’ve been stumped for three years on what to title it and how to format it.

Hopefully in 2016 both my books will be on your reading list.

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