That Light Is Getting Brighter

I need four pages, not including Acknowledgments. Four! It’s silly, but I already feel as if I’ve won a prize. Also, my head hurts from pulling a good chunk of my hair out yesterday. Yip, I was a bit stressed.

The stress shows up in other ways, such as the way I eat and the way I sleep. Weather is not helping in the least. Outside is an ice cube and all I want to do is scarf down french onion dip and doze in front of Netflix after short bursts of writing. This can’t be healthy.

Whatever. I’m almost done!

Besides taking the time to alternately whine and squee, I would like to repeat my request made last Friday in this post: I want to hear from REAL WRITERS. How do you stay productive in the midst of everyday responsibilities? Y’all exist, right?

How do you put yourself in the chair everyday? How do you avoid developing unhealthy habits, like existing on caffeine and nicotine and french onion dip? Or, is that acceptable behavior as long as the words are filling the page and we’re not brushing our teeth with scotch like applauded, published writers of the not-so-distant past?

Comments, people! Comments!

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