The Final Finalities

Today I am working on a Table of Contents and Acknowledgements page. I still don’t have notes and final editing on some of the work to be included, but a long weekend of more ice and icy temperatures are ahead… so.

Writing Acknowledgements just might be the most intimidating thing I have ever done. Even more intimidating than finally writing that cornerstone piece the collection needed.

I just read those last two sentences back and oh boy! That all sounds so pretentious.

Maybe I’ve finally gotten sick of writing about my writing. Yeah.

I am quite sick of talking about it, too. Imagine if I was writing a novel! After months and months of research and drafts, and work shopping. What a wimp I am.

Psst… this is where y’all jump in and tell me all about your projects. Tell me the worst and the best of the process. Tell me what it feels like to finally be finished.

2 thoughts on “The Final Finalities

  1. Michelle Owings-Christian

    I have several works in progress. I gave myself a pass for last year, which was my year for almost dying 3 times. I have a novel about half done. It’s my 2013 NaNo, which was a retread of my 2008 NaNo novel because my computer drive died and the manuscript disappeared. Second is an ongoing work I’m calling “Legacy Tales” — all the family stories that my nephew has never heard, that I am putting together for my great niece, who will turn 1 on April 16. Last is the story of fighting for years to get diagnosed and treated. We have a diagnosis and treatment for the cause of the pain. We still don’t even have a neurologist yet, so that part is pending.
    I don’t know how shiny that is, but there you have it.


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