Start counting …

THE PROJECT is almost done and gone. I will be reading through a final time tomorrow, and submitting bright and early Monday morning.

What’s next? I actually have a schedule mapped out for THE SECOND PROJECT. I’m looking at about three months of work, six days per week… and that might be a low estimate. My plan is to revive three stories originally written in episodic spurts for Brigit’s Flame contests between 2009-2011. The shortest word count of the three comes in at 8k, and it’s the only one that has a real title, a real ending, was submitted for a short story contest in 2012, and soundly rejected.

The other two don’t have titles or endings. I recall only a few half-hearted attempts at cleaning them up. All three are speculative fiction—we’ve got potential alien invasion (the rejected story), zombies pissing off the wrong girl (untitled), and a strange legend that may or may not include demigods running amok (untitled). Speculative? Definitely.

And the fun begins Tuesday 2/24 with zombies. Untitled. Yurgh.

I stopped writing this story when local stores began to sell zombie apocalypse survival gear. Admittedly I got a little irked by speculative becoming mainstream pop. I guess I’m over that now.

Those who know more than the vagueness I’m leaving here in the blog are curious as to how I intend to switch gears from writing autobiographic angst-ridden poetry to z-fic. I can only shrug and say, not a clue, let’s see what happens.

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