Day One

The rewrite of the prologue to that yet untitled z-fic is complete, and I think Chapter One is pretty solid. Not bad for five hours work. The gruesome monsters won’t make an appearance until toward the end of Chapter Two, so I’ve still got time to relax a little before loading up the high-powered rifles.

I might workshop the story by bits and pieces over at Brigit’s Flame, haven’t decided yet. That would definitely be more fun, and perhaps more motivational, if there were a few more writers willing to do the same with their works in progress. Meanwhile, a reading friend has put me in contact with another who is willing to beta. I am hoping to have five more chapters ready for perusal by tomorrow afternoon.

I started out yesterday with every intention to proofread the original version of this story, then break up scenes on index cards that could be placed on the office wall in order. The idea of working with such a visual was tantalizing at first, but just planning the task made my fingers itch for the keyboard. Those index cards sit in a nice undisturbed pile on my desk.

Do y’all find certain tools helpful in fleshing out scenes? Do you prefer to write the entire story by hand, or do your fingers prefer the click click click of the keyboard?

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