Status Interruptus

The past five days have involved everything but writing. While frustration overload threatened many times, a lot of good has come from Life stomping on the pause button without my permission.

Day Eight will happen. Eventually.

Meanwhile, I am toying with a few ideas that might help me organize and propel this story forward. A visual tool of some sort might be best… a storyboard, maybe. The more I think about employing such a tool, the more I like the idea. Especially after a particular breakthrough that came while on the phone with a friend Thursday night. Something she said made me realize that a huge hangup I have with the story is that I keep trying to justify Holly’s actions.

This is a ridiculous, time-consuming, wasteful, distracting endeavor. Her motivations and the end results don’t require justification — I just need to tell her story and get over my personal inclination to interject reasoning. If I do this storytelling thing right, her motivations should be clear enough to keep readers interested.

5 thoughts on “Status Interruptus

  1. Eadar Doodles + Cheese

    I tried the story board thing with one of mine a few years ago. In the days before Steve. I went with cork squares affixed by that blue putty we always tried to steal from the teachers as kids. The cork and the poster putty did not like each other, so the cork kept falling off the wall.
    I out my index card notes in a little box and the story fizzled away into nothing.
    I want one of those giant computer screens like Castle has to lay my story board out on. I keep trying different programs to do it, like mind maps and stuff, but I get so caught up playing with the tools I lose the story.
    Caution: Procrastination Pitfalls ahead.


    1. Kathy Boles-Turner

      I was really hoping such a task would steer me away from the Procrastination Pitfalls. I’m surrounded by those suckers. Castle’s computer just pisses me off — it’s bad enough that I have to live without a trust fund, but when all the toys I could have if that trust fund actually existed are paraded so rudely in front of me… urgh! šŸ˜‰ My storyboard, I think, will consist of basic poster board, tape, and various colors of index cards with a few road maps tossed in. My focus right now is make it visible, make it LARGE!. In fact, I might just tape it to the dining room wall. That way, I can get away from this desk once in a while.


  2. skyllairae

    I am having the same problem. I know what I should be doing: getting the story out. But I can’t get my butt in the chair and actually do it. Then I feel bad about myself for not doing it lol. The storyboard idea sounds good, anything to get your mind started.


    1. Kathy Boles-Turner

      Getting started wasn’t my biggest challenge… it’s managing organization and consistency once my butt was in the seat. I’m all over the place with this story! You, m’dear, are so freaking productive once you’re butt is in the seat, it’s freaky. So I hope you get there soon. I may drive over to your place with some duct tape and chains just to help out šŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

      1. skyllairae

        I would seriously, seriously appreciate that. So would my cats (read: permanent human furniture installation).


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