Day-by-Day — A Blog Post About Daily Posts And The Aftermath

How fast did April go by!

Possibly for the first time ever, I completed a month-long writing challenge. This is a noteworthy accomplishment, because the writing, and the daily posting coincided with daily reading, in addition to writing for the weekly Brigit’s Flame prompts. April writing was BIG.

Now comes the question: is any of that writing salvageable? *shrugs*

I’ll keep the APAD poems up (beneath my Poetry Tab) for another week, maybe. They’ll go in a pile which I may, or may not, eventually edit and figure out if they belong anywhere specific but truly the majority of them may never count as anything more than a “writing exercise”.

Next comes the question: what the heck am I going to do in May? *blinks*

I’ve got about a million and three ideas, but no real focus yet. Wednesday I was ALL FOCUS. I submitted poems from Ramshackle Houses to Rattle and Poetry Magazine. Two days later … I’m a leaf waiting on a breeze. Direction, I am in need of it.

This is the first time in almost six years that I don’t have a solid writing goal, college courses, and at least one full-time job going all at once. There’s danger of me becoming a professional nap taker.


One thought on “Day-by-Day — A Blog Post About Daily Posts And The Aftermath

  1. t.s.wright

    I recently signed up for some free classes on edX. You should check out their list. Maybe something will strike your fancy and learning more on the subject may one day enhance your writing.

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