Free Time: A Blog Post About Looking For Writing Jobs

So, there’s this thing called The Pitch. Somewhat like a query letter, only not. I get the impression that magazines have been requiring The Pitch for quite some time, even if it is a new-to-me phrase. I’ve had my head in the sand a while, apparently.

Or, maybe I have spent an inordinately small amount of time making earnest searches for writing work. Maybe that’s it. As it happens, there are magazines out there with virtual ESSAYS WANTED signs. How about that? I feel kind of silly right now.

Today marks my first step toward those virtual ESSAYS WANTED signs. I have spent the last few hours staring at them, pondering the very necessary Pitch that I must compose for the chance to have an editor read me. Or, at least, read my Pitch. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to get a response. To get a positive response. Tingly?

The easiest to begin with (and shouldn’t I start with the easiest?) would be the thin stack of personal essays tucked into the middle desk drawer. Memoir pieces, really. Now all I have to worry about is how to write a convincing Pitch: Read all about me, me, and me!

Reckon that would work?

Tell me what you know.

3 thoughts on “Free Time: A Blog Post About Looking For Writing Jobs

  1. breakoutchronicles

    I don’t know much about writing jobs (though I would love to find some and apply). What kind of essays do you mean (an example of your memoirs) and where are you stumbling across them?

    Do they only accept unpublished work? I’m wondering if I can use some articles I’m composing for the breakout site.


    1. Kathy Boles-Turner

      I was doing a search for essay submission calls and Google gave me The Write Life site. This particular post lists 19 magazines/sites that accept essays, some want personal, some don’t, some pay, some don’t. I found Dame Magazine and Full Grown People particularly interesting after reading the sample essays listed. If I come across anymore, I’ll be sure to let you know. Good luck 🙂


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