I Am A Writer: A Blog Post About Making Writing Public

The decision to write about writing publicly was made years ago. I opened generationKathy with the intention of regularly taking the opportunity to introduce myself as a writer.

I get all warm and fuzzy over the prospect of introducing myself to new acquaintances as a writer. Truthfully, though, I’ve yet to suggest to any of the everyday real life sort of new acquaintances, hey y’all, check out my site! Why? Because it’s been rather bereft of proof that I am indeed a writer. I’ll post things, then delete them. Open another social site for cross-posting, then delete it. Doubts gave me fits.

Until recently.

It’s only now that I have begun to do away with troublesome thoughts about what it means to share sample pieces of my favorite writing — pieces that capture some sliver of what kind of writer I strive to be. This is, after all, open space. The great beyond. People I will never meet, never know, never speak to, can read through yet unpublished pieces. And, there is the chance that the work I share here might never be published because I have effectively disqualified it from certain venues.

One would think these sorts of issues should be worked out before opening a website, right? Well, this is how I tend to fly through life — by the seat of my pants. I learn as I go. Sometimes that makes a mess, sometimes it works out all right.

The tabs above all have actual content now. I am sharing, for real, and in earnest. As the weeks pass, more content will be added. You are invited to read and comment.

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