Writing Golden – rehashing a storyteller’s workshop

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Hello Brigit’s Flame [waves]
I have a special post for you today! Saturday I attended the Wizard World Comic Convention and sat in on a storyteller’s workshop with Michael Golden.

It was only a forty-five-minute seminar, but the venue was intimate, maybe thirty people in all. Mr. Golden was patient with the enquiring minds and seemed to give deliberate and sincere answers. There were aspects of his advice that I disagree with, but I definitely took away some valuable tips I intend to try as I continue to work towards completing my novel.

Michael Golden kicked things off with the advice to keep it simple. As creative people, we are inclined to elaborate, and to describe and craft complex worlds of wonder and grace (my words). But if you want to be a commercial success you need to keep it simple because the consumers of your product don’t want…

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