DARKNESS: Reading & Voting Poll

Time to Read + Comment + Vote!

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

Our October contest begins with DARKNESS.

Seven writers have shared their creations, now we all get the opportunity to Read + Comment + Vote. This poll will close Thursday, October 15th at 11:45 PM (EDT), so take the opportunity to let your voice be heard in the voting. Eliminations will begin in Week Two.

And, your writers are:

Author: Kristina Van Hoose
Title: The Celebration
Word Count: 1570
Genre: Fantasy
Warnings: None

Author: Rio
Title: A Vision Softly Creeping
Word Count: 1500
Genre: Fantasy
Warnings: Talk about premature babies dying

Author:Dylan Parkin
Title: Humanity
Warnings: None

Author: t.s.wright
Title: A Doomed Moon
Word Count: 1,730
Genre: Science Fiction
Warnings: adult situation and homicidal thoughts

Author: missflyer
Title: “Of the Darkness”
Word Count: 13
Genre: haiku
Warnings: None

Author: hwango
Word Count: 177
Warnings:spookiness, creepy

Author: ayumidah
Title: Prank
Word Count: 2026
Genre: suspense

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