Natural Reflex And Perception Of Control: What The Brain And Body Do Without You

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On the subject of Fight or Flight Response, there are reams of articles available on the internet that break down the physiological, emotional, and cognitive responses to extreme stimuli. Reading through, my first thought was WOW! The human body is quite remarkable in quick response times!

Before our brains can actually puzzle out the name of what situation has arisen, blood vessels contract, pupils dilate, and, unfortunately for some, the bladder … relaxes.

Within a nanosecond of those blood vessels contracting, we’re ducking, running, or swinging. Remarkable.

Of course, another response would be freezing. Imagine that. Imagine your feet going on absolute lock down while adrenaline heats your insides, while your eyes are wide and staring, staring, until the picture before you — the event unfolding that has made your companions react completely differently — begins to make total, horrifying sense.

That’s how I reacted once upon witnessing an…

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