Oh Archetype, How I Love To Hate To Love Thee

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A few days ago, t.s. wright brought up the topic of Avoiding Cliches. Within that article was the mention of one of my favorite TV binge opportunities, The 100. I agree with pretty much everything t.s. said about the series, as well as the fact that such modern means of entertainment really get me to thinking about writing characters that will eventually meet the world — and a world of critics.

It seems to me that way too many recent TV writers have become convinced that knee-jerk violence, fumbling indecisiveness, and radical, gratuitous instances of self-sacrifice attempts are what viewers crave in their protagonists. (Deliberate attempts at self-sacrifice always leaves a ridiculous body count behind.) Maybe they think this is the way to exhibit humanness — that this is a good representation of human fallibility and therefore it is endearing.

In one reader/viewer opinion: Uh, no.

I’m fairly certain…

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