So … It’s That Time Of Year Again: Help Me Make Lists

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

No, I’m not broaching the topic of Resolutions. Not exactly.

When first I peeked into WordPress, I did so with the intention of finding a site capable of hosting all my writerly blatherings. I love poetry, dabble in fiction, and have a tendency to go on week-long essay rants that don’t really end up anywhere — the latter is a bit frustrating at times, however, I always learn a lot during those essay rants. I want to write about current events, past events, delve into my perspective on spirituality vs. religion, modern literature vs. everything, and the absolutely maddening side-effects of longing to research and write while rarely getting the opportunity to actually research and write.

As you might surmise from the above, it’s difficult to stay organized and productive with so many varying interests. At least it is for me. For an astounding three months of 2015, I kept my…

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