Collaborative Writing Game: You’re It. Go!

Team writing? This might be interesting!

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

This sounds really fun, y’all. Catch up on the basics, then see my list of ideas below.

Here’s the basis of RicoChey’s game:

● A group of participants form a team and swap email addresses.
● Taking turns, each participant writes one page of content (the group having agreed upon a font and pt. value), and emails it to the group.
● The group follows along, taking turns contributing to the story.
● Team members can “pass”, or submit less than a page when experiencing a rough patch of inspiration.
● Team chat is encouraged and suggested, to keep the vision consistent and aim for a shared end goal.

Obviously there are nuts and bolts, but this is my general rubric. We could draw names to form teams, or we can choose one another ourselves. We can do drawings for themes or titles or synopses — the options are definitely…

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