Both Reading And Writing Have Occurred (And My Knees Don’t Hurt Anymore)

I have  begun a writer’s journal, and was so inspired at the time of penning the last line of the first installment that I have decided to transcribe it all into a WordPress page: Continue To Obsess. Falling behind in regular transcription is inevitable, nonetheless, this process has quickly impressed me.

As for reading, I have a few items in progress listed already: Reading List: 2016. My recent move to a new place has slowed the pace — and I still haven’t discovered  where I left The Martian. Dang it. I soldier on.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share a bit of news not related to reading and writing. For years now I’ve suffered with knee pain yet refused to consider surgery to repair damaged cartilage, lots of scar tissue, and the early stages of arthritis in the left knee, severe meniscal damage in the right. (There’s a valid reason for my refusal of surgery that I won’t go into just now.) As bad as my knees have been for almost a decade, getting a desk job has made them worse. Luckily for me, a friend actually found an honest to goodness miracle cure: LIMU.

The video I’m sharing offers little to no information on the incredible properties of Limu — unfortunately it’s geared toward recruiting entrepreneurs. Not that I’m against entrepreneurship, not at all. But that’s not my motivation for sharing the name of this product with y’all. MY KNEES DON’T HURT ANYMORE! Excess fluid and inflammation are gone. I can walk up and down stairs, I can take my puppy on lengthy strolls! Why did Limu work? Because it contains fucoidan extract. Look this stuff up — its benefits to the human body will blow your mind. (The only warnings are for people allergic to soy and who take certain blood thinners.) If you’re interested, message the owner of the above mentioned website for more information on Limu, its benefits, side-effects, etc.

I have had no negative side-effects. Not one. Within six days of taking two, 2 ounce doses of Limu per day, the constant burning ache I’d lived with from the knees down was gone. Soon after, literally pounds of inflammation began to dissipate. Sitting at a desk the better part of eight hours each workday still causes problems — stiffness in the knees and a bit of ankle swelling — but the difference is phenomenal. I no longer come home to pout on the couch. I go out and walk Oliver a half-mile, then come in to do chores and settle down to read or write without dosing up on 800 mg. of ibuprofen before dinner.

If you’ve lived with ridiculous joint pain, I encourage you to check out Limu. If you have the time to do so and want to begin your own business selling a miracle cure, go for it. Either way, I encourage you to do some homework. Look up fucoidan. It’s been around since the time itself, but the scientists and marketers behind Limu discovered how to make fucoidan palatable and affordable. Check it out.

No need to thank me.




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