Random Shuffle: A Song & A Poem

Sometimes it’s a beat, or a verse, or just one word that resonates. Take a half-hour listening to songs with pen in hand & see what happens. This is definitely my favorite writing exercise!

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

Monday night I clicked some random shuffle to life, and a few hours later I had a newborn poem. Love when that happens.

Astound me:
Reach inside my head to find me.

Switch off those old melodies
meant to keep me in captivity,
fading away with a faded-heart disease —
bereft of dazzle & glory.

Astound me:
Let you be you & I’ll be me.

A middle-aged woman, that’s me,
as unsung & unseen as I used to be.
There are girls all around distant cities,
composing brand new melodies.

Listen for their voices, please.
Don’t be just a guy; and I won’t be
just an aging girl, unsung & unseen —
inside my head is all dazzle & glory.

Let you be you & I’ll be me:
Astound me.

It needs a title and a little con-crit. Y’all game? Come along then. And when you get a moment to sit in…

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