Letter Writing Series, Day One

Dearest favorite midnight conversation, well-blended margaritas, cozy hearth fire. Dearest epic. Long lost papyrus. In-line rhyme, moral of the story. You are about to have a major life change. Congratulations. Best wishes. I’m sorry.

Birds are fussing at the squirrels outside this window as I debate with myself about reading Yeats or searching out some enlightening nonfiction. I can’t be there for so many reasons, but as I think of you today, I think of you smiling. A hopeful smile? Nostalgic? Sardonic? Hopeful. Expectant. Blissful.

Thank you for being the person who inspires me to want to be there. Thank you for broadening the scope; perhaps unaware, you’ve helped teach me to look at other-than-me, other-than-mine. I cannot be there now. Someday I will be, and that day I will be fire logs, good margaritas, and background music just for you.

Until then, my greatest hope is that you enjoy the drive north and west. Take your time. Listen to music you’ve never heard before. Smile at yourself in the mirror when the opportunity presents. Watch the way your eyes change when you smile.

10 thoughts on “Letter Writing Series, Day One

  1. t.s.wright

    I love this πŸ™‚ Thank you for thinking of me.

    In 2011, some friends and I went to a local Psychic Faire for a bit of fun and insight. I paid for three psychic interactions and a bonus reading from the Oracle of my choosing.
    The first used Anton Lavey’s tarot deck to tell me that my life was about to get really bumpy in a bad way. I doubt that deck has ever heralded good news, but it wasn’t wrong.
    The second used Ogham Script and Oracular Trees to tell me I’m a creative person with tons of imagination and encouraged me to dream. I love trees.
    The third dumped a bag of runes for me and told me I wasn’t listening closley enough to Odin’s voice. I was just thrilled he was talking to me at all.

    I went back to the second psychic for my bonus reading — for the trees. She pulled out a well-used Rider-Waite deck. Kickin’ it old school. Or psychin’ it old school. The Celtic Cross aluded to creative projects in my future with a Lion at my side. As soon as she flipped that card over I knew it was you.

    In the tarot, the Lion represents strength.

    Our friendship was in the cards.
    You make me laugh.
    You make me think.
    You make me want to be a better writer.
    Thank you.

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