Letter Writing Series, Day Five

Dearest funny face, youth and fluidity, thoughtful contradiction. Change in motion. Energizing, exhausting inspiration. Stage voice. My favorite vocabulary.

I have committed the injustice of wanting you as my alter ego. I’ve daydreamed your shoes and walked out steps of singularity, of brave vulnerability, of wide-open possibilities. My apologies.

Flying out west, watching the sky below change from lush threats to smooth, weary swirls, my mind was full of you. Young enough to be daughter. Wise enough to be guru. Clever enough to be whatever.

Flying out west, mulling over timetables and daylight savings, I realized how futile it is that humans insist on manipulating the inevitable. Time flies past whether we sit there watching, or dare to chase it. Truth is, everything will change. Everything will stay the same.

In the meantime, rest assured there is only one you and you’re smart enough to figure out time can’t be conquered, shouldn’t be obeyed. It has to be spent.

Wisely? Wildly?


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