Reading, Writing, Listening

I’ve often mentioned my fondness for nonfiction audio books read by their authors—still loving to indulge in authors’ voices at every opportunity. This week I have Charles Krauthammer’s Things That Matter to finish. Throughout the introduction I might have shouted WOW three or more times. Krauthammer was a journalist, psychiatrist, “non conservative commentator”, proponent of conservation, conversation, and oftentimes the one talking head glad to choose thoughtfulness over bullshit while his peers and coworkers went on bouncing in the muck.

On Kindle I’ve got two digital library books underway and a Prime Read standing by. Tana French’s In the Woods was mentioned by a lecturer I listened to a few weeks ago (on video that can be found in the really fun For Writers archives over at’s crime/mystery novel set in Ireland and I adore the first person narrator.

The second library book is Charles Bukowski On Writing , a collection of Bukowski’s bitchy whining tirades about writing composed, submitted, rejected and published. It is raw and punchy and so very Bukowski, thus far. I’m only half way through.

The Prime Read is A Merciful Death, by Kendra Eliot. The title and description grabbed me, we’ll see how it goes.  Meanwhile, all my traipses through available audio treasures have yielded a find: The Writerly Podcast, with Danielle Trussoni and Walter Kirn. Go have a listen, you won’t regret it.

(Yeah, I’m reading a mean old poet, lots of crime fiction and listening to writers talk about writing, art, and politics. Bet you can’t guess what I’m writing.)


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