Hello Again My Fellow Speaking Spirits, My Dearest Partners In Crime And Redemption: Personal Update, Opinionated Tidbits & A Tall Glass Of Water In Bullet Points

  • It could all be a lot worse–history proves just how bad the future could be.
  • History reaches far beyond the internet. Even Google will tell you that.
  • I never knew the privilege of lockdown 2020. I won’t hold a grudge, promise.
  • I don’t believe the virus is a conspiracy or a hoax. The moon landing, maybe. And those monkeys escaping with vials. Come on, really?
  • Human bodies, this planet, are miracles in motion. Indispensable, purposeful.
  • The world as we know it might be on fire but we’ve got plenty of water, y’all.
  • Maybe stop asking what’s next. Grab a glass of water. A bucket.
  • How’s that old adage go? Divided we fall …
  • I refuse to believe we exist right here, right now, to hate & fear & kill.
  • Politicians are not our friends. Never have been.
  • Racism was invented by the wealthy long before America got its name.
  • I understand that I will never understand.
  • Please understand that I don’t possess the audacity to give up. I’m not leaving. I’m not looking away. I will never stop looking you in the eye. Even when all you see is just me, understand that I am not alone. Never have been. My ancestors walk with me, whisper to me, hold me steady. You are not alone. This world will burn if we keep fanning the fires other people set. Water is not weak. Be water. This is my goal. Not an ant on a wire. Not fuel for the fire, or a hot wind. Not another screaming fearful fear monger. I will be better tomorrow than I was today. I will tell my friends that I love them. I will cook dinner for my sisters and pet my dogs and I will go to work and smile at strangers. I will remain essential even when the new norm arrives and says I’m no longer. I will be water on the flames in my backyard.

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