4:03 — To Thine Own Self Be True

Know when 7 a.m. sharp is a solemn promise
you will stay awake past 3 a.m. drawing circles
on the page intended for that knife-edged essay,
or the article full of stinging wit on current events
sure to open a coveted door into the writing world.

Know that a serial fuck-up will not achieve daily
discipline by regular means, yet still you insist
upon penning To Do Lists in black ink and color-
coding schedules that inevitably clash with
those pretty little spinning circles.

Know that it’s not too late—it feels too late,
but this feeling can’t be trusted anymore than
the rush of accomplishment you get tapping out a
thousand words before daybreak on the morning
you’re supposed to be writing checks for the bills.

Know your emotions aren’t wise. Tell them to sit
down and hush so you can think.






Today’s prompt is from Word Light Show—#3 Write a “know” poem” …
The title is from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

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