4:10 — Greed

There are two kinds of people in this world:
those who can’t get enough of everything
& those who believe poverty is a virtue.

Those who can’t get enough plot all through
a night’s rest, mapping out a methodology
made of work ethic and thievery sure to
stick it to the invisible man.

They sketch out grand plans, itineraries for each
day of living beyond their means so someone
else can pay the bills coming due.

Those who believe poverty to be virtuous
make-up their faces with earnestness as
they say, “have a blessed day” on the hilltop
expressway ramp.

They return each night to a tent city strewn
with debris that’s blown in from the remains
of industry and call it mana.


This poem was inspired by today’s prompt from Word Light Show, Greed.

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