The dream takes place in a blurry version
of high school Econ-1 class where the eyes
of judgment can’t be seen but see all.

My hands won’t hold the #2 pencil, the desk
wobbles, snickers are in surround sound,
the teacher’s instructions are garbled mumbles.

I can’t remember how to spell my name.
No one can confirm the topic of the test,
because they are faceless and hate me.

They are a legion of evil. My hands leave
their struggles with the #2 and find a cool
metal crucifix resting against my throat. Ah.

Beams of light clear the blurriness of the room
and screams replace the snickers and hatred
and injustice. But I still cant spell my name.


Today’s inspiration came from, Word Light Show, because the word “test” brings forth anxiety and anxiety brings forth the memory of high school, which often inspires nightmares.

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