4:17 — Warning!

Toaster? No. Don’t be ridiculous.
Cellphone? Yes, but that doesn’t count. Cellphone is a given.
Laptop? Redundant if the phone is working. This is an emergency!
Moisturizer? Well, yeah. But that shouldn’t count either.
Spare underwear, deodorant, toothbrush … obvious.
The one thing! The one thing! The one thing that
ensures my humanity survives worst case scenarios, my sense
of self, my HOPE ETERNAL in the face of imminent danger!
T.S. Eliot? Mmm.
Richard Wilbur? Mmm.
Why don’t I have any poetry collections by women?
The Van Gogh? That’s bulky.
Backpack or purse? Backpack.
Vitamins? Vitamin D might be life saving.
I’ll put it with the moisturizer.
Coffee maker? Bulky. Now is maybe a good time to kick
that caffeine dependency … there may not be any half
and half and that would ruin everything.
A Handmaid’s Tale? Morose. Maybe something cheerful.
Wow. I don’t have anything cheerful. I’ll do a search for
cheerful novels available online. What if the internet
doesn’t hold up. Bite your tongue. Seriously don’t even.
That thing I got for my birthday … where did I put it?
Driver’s license, social security card, bank card—of course.
Put them in the backpack. Charger! Don’t forget the charger.
I didn’t pay the bill. Is the internet working? I’ll pay the bill.
Which are my best shoes? No DVDs.
A blanket? A nicer one than that. Why did I never buy camping gear?
Should have stocked up. Who do I know that would have survivalist
supplies? Wonder if they’re home or already …
The Bible is online, so—
I should lock the back door, unplug non-essentials.
Toothbrush? Yeah, got it.


I liked the Day 16 prompt from Word Light Show I decided to play with it today. The above would totally be me at last minute disaster preparation.

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