Week Four April 2015

In Destruction Lies The Seed Of Birth


Can poetry hurt us? they ask me before
snuggling inside my words …

Yes, we must destroy
ourselves in the constant
reformation that is this very moment.

We invent a great loss to convince ourselves we have a beginning. But
loss is a current: all that dark energy becomes a radiance

syntactic and full of buzz.

Because language is part of the
human organism, a life could end as an abrupt, violent sentence:
sudden resolve to fix what’s been wrong

inked /at night onto the sky’s open hand
… on the fate of the mind
… the page there was no time to write on.

All that dark energy —
whatever it is, it’s a passion
from one with ability
to bear being misunderstood.

Whether you sing or scream,
the process is the same: You start inside yourself.



“In Destruction Lies The Seed of Birth” is compiled from lines created by the following poets, in order of appearance: Title — Maya Angelou; Stanza 1 — Patricia Smith; Stanza 2 — Bob Holman; Stanza 3&4 — Dean Young;  Stanza 5-7 — JD McClatchy; Stanza 8 — Marianne Moore; Stanza 9 — Marvin Bell.

3 thoughts on “Week Four April 2015

  1. Did I ever adequately thank you, in person or otherwise, for being the one true reader of this collection? If not, thank you, thank you! Your reading and commenting, offering insights, all meant the world to and still means the world to me. I’m going through this all today trying to decide whether or not to include it in No Voice of Her Own. So far, I think I will, with the exception of the second week … I used way too much TS Eliot in there. It’s all too recognizable as his, not mine. Thanks again ❤ You are appreciated!


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