So, February Was Pretty Brilliant …

Yes, I have continued to keep the writing journal. I’m just not all that great at regularly transcribing the entries and sharing. But that’s okay. My time is precious and I’m learning to prioritize like never before. Among February’s priorities was lots of reading & stewing around in writing prompts, as well as treating my ears to several writers’ podcasts. First, I subscribed to daily NYTimes home deliveries. Second, I subscribed to the month-long Writer’s Regimen from the folks at The Southeast Review.

At the end of that brilliant month, I decided that it’s just about time I get back to keeping a demanding schedule. There was a time that I worked full-time, went to school full-time, wrote every spare moment, all in addition to keeping my own house and helping the in-laws a few hours each day. I was exhausted, stressed, more productive than any other time in my life, and absolutely thrilled. I want some more of that. Truth is, I’ve become lazy. Or, more aptly, lethargic. Enough with that shit.

This month’s demanding schedule includes creating content for two chapbooks while jam-packing my weekends with new experiences. It’s a rather indulgent plan. And, thus far, working out well. From March 1-16, I wrote five new poems and reworked five older ones (written last April-May). Since then, I have written one more. While the poems aren’t coming in ecstatic droves, I’m quite satisfied. Particularly since the adventurous weekends have been so successful: I’ve driven to Nashville to meet a long-time online bestie, and last weekend I joined the hubby in doing downtown like tourists, followed up by seeing an afternoon show at the Orpheum. In addition, I’ve begun to record my poems and save them to MP3 files. (NEVER done that before!)

What’s the plan for April? I intend to fully wallow in the month of the poet just as I did last year, posting published writers’ works (new and old favorites) on the blog, attempting to write a poem a day, as well as sending my work off to Lit Mags and, hopefully, chapbook competitions. It’ll be a busy month, because hubby and I will also be taking time off work mid-month to celebrate our 25th. More adventure awaits!

So, all this writing and rewriting as of late has helped me discover a thing or two. Most surprising is that I like what I’m writing. I mean … almost immediately, rather than after a week or two of edits and diddling. Maturity might be the largest factor in this quicker realization of quality, but I also have to give a nod to the days I spent early hours indulging in the exercise I call A Song And A Poem. Yields! Seriously.

There is, however, a problem with all this creativity: the results (though I love them) lack a cohesive theme. One poem is a highly characterized narrative (is that even a thing?), one is my version of the cheesy love poem, one is much like the personal history theme of last year’s pride and joy, Ramshackle Houses. The rest vary between preachy confessionals and I don’t even know. It seems I must embrace the idea that this month will end with tremendous creativity that won’t necessarily fit into a single packaged deal. Guess I can live with that.

Until then, I continue to obsess and multitask.