An Invitation To Writers

I have a few questions for my writing friends out there. Please read and respond.

Years ago I was invited to an online competitive writing group. The time I was there amounted to the most valuable few years of my writing experience. Seriously. I learned more there than in four years pursuing a BA in English. Alas, time changes all things, creatives don’t remain stationary, people go their separate ways.

Some of us, however, still hold deep love and appreciation for what that community did for us. We got together last summer and have since tried valiantly to revive the group—at one time, more than a hundred active members strong—in its original venue, while also introducing new fangled venues like WordPress, tumblr, and Twitter. Not much is happening in the old venue. The new ones are positively hopping, but only a handful of new people have stepped forward to share their writing.

Our goal is to build a vibrant, inspirational, welcoming, and safe atmosphere for writers.

In the past ten days I have gained twenty new followers to this site. That’s exciting! Twenty new people, all affiliated with writing in some form or fashion, are reading my ramblings here. So, here’s my question: Would y’all be interested in simultaneously workshopping your writing and offering it up your short stories for some friendly, competition?

Talk to me.

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