Day Seven

The Second Project’s z-fic now boasts an 8k word count… that would be better news if I hadn’t skipped working out a large chunk of Chapter Two. Chapter Two will be ridiculously long — this said by a person who is satisfied with a Prologue and Chapter One that, combined, total 5k and change.

Apparently I am compiling a collection of novella-length fictions, not short stories.

So far this morning I’ve just been reworking dialogue between Holly and Stephan. As I mentioned before, it’s necessary to keep a close eye, and ear, on Holly. My dangerous protag can cram more clichés in a paragraph than the worst of the best old hard boiled detectives. Ugh.

I can put one more daylight hour into writing today, after that, it’s a full day of real life adulting — paying bills, buying food, job hunting, making doctors’ appointments for MIL, etc. Another thousand words should be possible later tonight, then some research. There is a brand new shiny notebook just waiting for all that research.

What are y’all writing?

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