The Mysterious: Voting Poll and Reading List (click on the post title to access the poll)

Voting closes just shy of midnight tonight, so don’t miss your chance!

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

It is time, dear readers, for The Mysterious to be unveiled. Five of our members responded. Now it is up to you, dear readers, to pore over their work. Meditate on it; discover its meaning for yourself.

Do take care not to give yourself over to the work so completely that you sacrifice your sanity.

Take care, as well, with those of our arcane community. Share your thoughts in the margins so that the artisans and conjurers might know your mind and feel your appreciation for their craft.

We did lose two writers from the October project [with fondness do we remember their contribution], but their sacrifice has spared the others from ejection as our area of study becomes smaller.

Go forth and discover The Mysterious –

Title: Better Off Not Knowing
Author: ayumidah
Word Count: 855
Warnings: none
Genre: thriller

Title: none
Author: hwango
Word Count: 2,211 words

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